Tuesday, May 5, 2009

peace out.

i guess this is the scratch
that itches the itch
guess its true what they say
and karmas a bitch
guess this is your way
of getting me back
i understand, though
dont cut me any slack.
ive done this to you
time and again
guess i havent been
such a great friend
guess i get a taste
of my own medicine
and Lord only knows
i wont do this again
ive never had the fear
of being replaced
one day you wont even
recognize my face
you just go right ahead
and lift her higher than me
and one day if she dumps you
then youll probably see
you jacked this way up
and its far too late
to recover this friendship
youll lose belief in fate
ive decided to mute my mouth
but i have words up my sleeve
that could hurt you in an instant
like you wouldnt believe
but ill rise above that
and just walk away
i'll leave you be now
please forget me, today.

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