Wednesday, October 29, 2008


your lips still taste faintly of lust
i still sense passion in your touch
your eyes still glow with love
i've longed, i've tried, i've missed this so much
when you kiss me on the cheek
you're adding fuel to the fire
when you hold my body close to yours
you cant smother the desire
i can see it in your smile
and while i'm laying on your chest
twirl your fingers through my hair
we've fought, we've lost, we've been a mess
i know the past cannot be changed
i also know these feelings stayed the same
through everything we've dealt with
on your lips lingers only my name
our bodies fit together like pieces of a puzzle
as do our lips when you kiss me
i know you're thinking it
just tell me that you miss me.

Sunday, October 19, 2008


jump off swings
lets climb trees
pee our pants
and scrape our knees
let hopscotch
lets jump rope
before the beer
the sex, the dope
lets play kickball
we'll dance and play
we'll smile and sing
and laugh all day
lets color a picture
lets play dolls
boys are gross
no talking in the halls
lets pass notes
lets trade shoes
lets be glad we dont
understand the news
lets hand clap
lets sing songs
lets be friends
all day long
lets hug our teacher
lets smile and wave
unknowing to ourselves
that we're strong and brave
we'll cut our own hair
and make our own games
act like we drive the car
we'll make up our own names
we're six years old
with the world at our feet
"oh the places we'll go
oh the people we'll meet."

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

man of my dreams.

if stars give back
if dreams come true
i'm glad to say
there is a you
i've doubted
i've believed
you were there
and i was relieved
you haunt my dreams
night by night
everything about you
felt so right
i knew right then
that you were him
you were the one
and i gave in
holding you tight
i was so sure
of love last night
even if it was
only a dream
now i know
what love means
i'm happy to know
and happy to say
i know we'll be
together one day.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

long day.

everyday is a new challenge
every task is an accomplishment
every second without you
feels like a second wasted
im sick of just existing
im sick of putting the effort
into breathing
into getting out of bed
into eating
because it feels like a waste
my life feels like a waste
im stealing your air
im unworthy of taking up space
in this world any longer
memories of the past
smother any future possibilities of love
of living my life
im sick of feeling like im in your way
im sick of feeling

Monday, October 6, 2008

i've found you.

the light in your eyes
captivates me
your smile takes me to a place
higher than heaven
the clouds never hide the sun
the stars never fall out of the sky
when you hold my hand
i cant hide the happiness
it radiates from my face
like the light of the moon
it took me a while to find you
i've been through hell
i've searched and searched
and i've finally found you.
you are my heart
you are my soul
you aren't a part of my life
you ARE my life.
you are everything i live for
from day to day
the thoughts of you push me through
time spent with you
intoxicates me
the passion and the desire
i've never had a love like this
and i know i'll never ever have a love like this again.
you're one of a kind.
you place the sparkle in my eye
with a glue stick
with backwards letters
with sticky fingers
with untied shoes
with matted hair
with broken homes
with broken smiles
with broken bones
you are every child
you are the future
you are my passion
you are my love
you are my life
i've finally found you.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


the leaves are changing
so is my mind
when it comes to you
i'll leave everything behind
the temperature is dropping
with the changing of the seasons
your memories are fading
with every thought of the reasons
why we could never work
the birds fly away from the cold
but i run towards it
alone, strong, bold
ready to take on
the snow this year
freeze this city
freeze my tears
a new season
means a new me
a me that feels happy
when i can really be
everything i wanted
and everything i've hid
forgetting all my mistakes
and everything i did
when i was with you
this summer, last year
the year before and yesterday
i finally see it, dear
i finally know that now
isnt the time for you and me
and the time may never come
for you and i to be
anything more than
friends or foes
i finally get it
i finally know
and its a good feeling
to get you off my chest
i thank you for the time we've shared
and i wish you the best.