Thursday, September 22, 2016


Times like this I'd like to plunge a dagger into a vein Remind myself I'm alive, breathing living this pain I feel dull Dead Empty Alone I don't belong here This world's not my home I'm a broken spirit searching for soul Something to fill this void in my heart, this hole I've been fragile Lonely Depressed Unstable I'd fix it myself If only I were able

Friday, February 8, 2013


You have a way with words and actions
Your life has become my passion
You are what I didn’t expect to fall for
But too perfect not to give it my all for
Your distance and the time we’re apart
Is the reason life brings tears to my heart
I cant get over the look in your eyes
Everyday when we say our goodbyes
I know you want to say something but
You’re too afraid to just tell me what
Youll never read this so I can say it here
Ive never felt something this clear
From the day that we met to tonight
You, my love, have become my light.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

losing it.

When I make you laugh
Your eyes twinkle like snowflakes
Your dimples are canyons
Your chin and your lips shake
When you touch my face
My heart melts like wax
Feels like my stomach
Is doing jumping jacks
The way that you kiss me
Makes my soul flutter
In the strength of your arms
I melt like butter
And the way that you
Say my name so sweet
Buckling at my knees
Swept off my feet
I don’t know what it is
All I know is that I need it
Every look and every word
That you say, you feed it
Boy you make me fall
like I just lost at jenga
i feel like you’re the
Corey to my Topanga.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013


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Monday, October 8, 2012


my pills have not been working
a reminder of why i am medicated.
i feel lost, careless, unhappy,
hateful, grouchy, undedicated.
im in an 'i hate everyone' mood
and im reliving the past
wondering why im always creating
love that doesn't ever last.
reminding myself why i hate dating.
i fall so easily and always hard.
so im blocking out my feelings
my heart is back on guard.
my defense mechanism is not caring,
but im so broken inside.
no one knows whats behind this smile.
the pain and tears i hide.
i hate everything today.
the Lord is my only friend.
i say i dont but i do want love,
and i want this anger to end.

Monday, October 1, 2012

gona be a cat lady.

i have finally decided
to build back my walls
no longer wishing
for someone with balls
i hate everyone equally
(but men, a bit more)
ill get really fat and hairy
ill be a prude, not a whore
ill have thirty six cats
no shower in my home
ill be covered in fur
but never alone
my cats will protect me
from mice...and men
i hate cats, but id rather
be a cat lady than love again.

Thursday, September 20, 2012


tonight my heart hurts
my stomach churns
my smiles faded
my eyes burn
the tears came hard
and met at my chin
the outward sight
of feelings within
engrossing emotions
invading my mind
thought i'd come far
but i'm falling behind
back from the past
back to the start
reconnecting my thoughts
my soul and my heart
collecting the lessons
life has taught me
the soil and the water
the food for my tree
i will not wither
i will not fade
i will prosper
in sun and shade
no matter what happens
or will surround
can shake me, i'm planted
firmly, in the ground
i am here now
more than ill ever be
i'll never be anything
other than me.