Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I put my foot in the fire
And it burned to bits
I put my heart in your hands
And you threw a fit
I put my love in your arms
And you treated me like shit
Now I’m done.
You’ll be sorry.

I put my strength in your soul
And you so let me down
Now I’m falling apart
Nothing but pieces on the ground
I’m a worthless piece of shit
And you’re nowhere around
Now I’m done.
You’ll be sorry.

You don’t have to believe in karma…
…for her to bite you in the ass.
Now I’m done.
You’ll be sorry.

first love.

Three long years
Come to a close
We give back belongings
Books and clothes
I let your memories
Fall from my mind
With thoughts of us
From past times
As I close that door
And throw the key
I walk away
So peacefully
The pain, this time
Is slow and deep
No anger, no violence
A silent weep
I’ve burned the pictures,
The notes and songs
I still don’t know
What I did wrong
I lower my head
And forget your face
I walk away
So out of place
My steps are shorter
My breaths are too
My life has been altered
With the loss of you.