Thursday, April 23, 2009


I think life is hard
and that’s where friends come in
I think life is easy
and that’s where friends come in
I think life is deliberate
there are no mistakes
I think there are no coincidences
there are no mistakes
I think there is no place for violence
don’t hate, appreciate
I think there is no place for murder
don’t hate, appreciate
I think life is a mystery series
live it page by page
I think life is list of questions
live it word by word
I think life is about relationships
big ships
and chocolate chips.
I think life is a journey
not to be lived alone
I think life is precious
not to be lived alone
I think when life gets tough
you’re tired and broke
that’s when you get together
have a drink and a smoke
I think when life is smooth
you’re living easy and free
put away the chemical joy
live and love your family
when you lose your loved ones
know they’re in a better place
when you get some new ones
make it a better place
when you see the hungry
give them their fill
when you see the sad
remind them of His will
when you see the angry
let them vent
when you see the poor
pay their rent
when you see the broken
and the lonely
and the empty
give them joy
I think life’s about helping each other
because we can’t do it alone
we need each other.
forget the haters
the confrontaters
the liars
the cheaters
life’s about love
don’t get lost in yourself
it’s a lonely place
instead, share what you have
and you’ll find your place.
It’s not about the money
it’s not about the sex
it’s not about the drugs
it’s about the time we have
the music
the kisses
the hugs
the abstract things that aren’t concrete
make these be known
the things you can’t see
you can only be shown.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

its over.

ive lived my life in fastforward
not on purpose, of course
ive lived and loved
ive let nature take its course
ive walked the walk
and danced the dance
i've given my first
and my last chance
looking back
on these twenty years
ive been so happy
and now it appears
that i'm nearing the end
i'm past my prime
my life is over
it's almost time
so now i spend my time
lying in bed
waiting for this thought
of you to leave my head
and waiting impatiently
for my final breath
so i can whisper goodbye
and fade to my death.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I’m done giving chances
For every chance ive ever given
Has blown up in my face
And every man
Ive ever liked
Has put me in my place
I will listen to no one
Only my heart
So no one but me
Will tear me apart
Every guy
Ive ever liked
Is exactly the same
Whisper sweetly
To me my name
But what they want
Means nothing more
Then getting off
And that im a whore
And then they walk away
Without another glance
And that is why
He was the last chance.