Monday, November 24, 2008

everything i've wanted to say.

this is everything
i've ever wanted to say
you text ME 7 times
while i was away.
i was forgetting you
but you sought me out
you poured out your heart
what was that all about?
you didnt mean it.
you cant just change your mind.
you lead me on.
one of these days i hope you find,
your heart will break
your eyes will well
you'll feel like i do
pure, firey hell.
i hope so much
that one day you see
the way you lied, abused
and wrongly treated me.
you broke my heart
but i gave you every chance
and with every chance
came a second glance
at what you wanted
or didnt want
you'd fake it
you'd lie, you'd front
you'd make things up
to try to keep from hurting me
but you didnt
you ruined me.
no man is ever going to want
the traces you left behind
just bones in the dirt
are all thats left to find.
you're just a little boy
i should have known
that i couldn't trust you
with my heart on your own.
you reached out to me
and i let you back in
time and time
and time again
why couldnt you have just
left me alone?
i was just looking at pictures
sitting at home
when i get this call
saying you wanted me
you love me, you miss me and all.
you started the fire back up
and now you're walking away
i lost the only person
that understands me, today.
the love of my life
my best friend for two years
has now thrown a stick
in between the gears
i'm falling apart
because who i am
is a result of that time
when you once gave a damn.
without you in my life
nothing makes sense.
i'm lost in my own head
i'm straddling the fence.
do i just end it now?
do i go on and try?
do i live through this hell?
or give up and die?
i didnt choose to love you
that love chose me
and now i dont know
if i'm chained or i'm free.
i'm lost in who i am
i'm lost in where to go
i'm lost in everything
but you dont know.
you're living your life
perfectly fine
without a thought of me
crossing your mind.
why is this so unfair to me
but so cool with you?
do you not see what you've done?
do you not see what you do?
every morning
and every night
is constantly a battle
a never ending fight
between love and hate
for you in my brain
and it's causing
very literal pain.
i dont know how to change
my frame of mind
because the frame i once had
has left me behind.
i gave you my heart
and it meant nothing to you
now i sit here so empty
wondering whats true
you promised so much
that you've broken now
and thought after thought
i cant think of how
anyone with half a heart
could do this to anyone
you're such a cold bastard
just up and being done.
how dare you
have the audacity to
hate the only one
who loves i do.
you're satan in my eyes
and you always will be
i hate you for this.
you mean nothing to me.

Sunday, November 16, 2008


i've said goodbye
time and again
but this is it
i've lost a friend
the closest i had
now the furthest away
you didnt even acknowledge
my existence today
you've been pushing
me out of your view
and it kills me
because all i see is you
call me pathetic
call me desperate
but now i'm a lonely
depressed unhappy celibate
i invited you into
the depths of my heart
because i thought you were it
now i'm falling apart
i wish i wouldn't have
given everything away
if i knew it wouldnt
last more than a day
everything i've dreamed of
has blown right out the door
now look at me...just laying here
crying on the floor
if it weren't for God
i'd think love was shit
because you gave me
a fucked up look at it
God is the only one
out of hundreds of friends
that's picked up what he's broken
time and time and time again
but He's yet to pick
this one up and fix me
i dont blame him though
it was my fault, you see
free will can be a bitch
when you fuck up everything
and now i wait...
and i wait so impaitently
for God to come in
and carry me
out of these pits
out of the dark
you're my deepest scar
you've made your mark
God's little glimmer of hope
is all i see tonight
if it weren't for Him
i'd've given up this fight
I wont say i miss you
i wont say i love you
i wont say anything
because its not true.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

this morning.

depressed enough
to write again
havent written like this
since God knows when
awake...and 3 a.m.
brings nightmares
but im not sleeping
im well aware
i decipher the code
that is my mind
and i pour it out
but all i find
are used up feelings
a broken heart
a picture of love
torn apart
a crooked smile
beauty battered
everythings broken
well...everything that mattered
no amount of needle and thread
can stitch this tear
nothing can mend this heart
because you're not there
you were my love
but you werent my all
thats how im still alive
and im standing tall
im a ninteen-year-old girl
who lost all she had
to a man who walked away little boy, my bad.
frustration brews
this pain just grows
and no one sees
so no one knows
that im still dying
you still hold my world
but i fucked it up
im just a little girl!
now i sit here this morning
alone in my bed
i cant get your picture
out of my head
the past is the past
but im not past you
no matter how many times
you remind me we're through
my heart keeps coming back
like a stray kitten to a home
the love i lost was
the only love i've ever known
"the greatest thing youll ever learn
is just to love and be loved in return"
this quote is a truth
but its also a curse
they left out a part
so i added a verse
"the greatest thing youll ever learn
is just to love and be loved in return
but its better to leave 'i love you' unspoken
because love leads the way
to a heart being broken."

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

no words.

theres not a song to sing
to show how i feel today
theres not a poem to recite
to reason why i feel this way
theres not a place to go
or a person to share it with
no one knows my inner thoughts
my heart, my core, my pith
theres not a word to speak
to describe this burning need
theres not a dance to dance
a breath to breathe, blood to bleed
theres not a smile to wear
nor a frown to bear
but its a shadow
that follows me anywhere.
i wish i had something, anything!
to share this feeling with you
its happy its sad its vicious its mad
its everything one could ever feel
and it drips from my pores
you make it all so real
its you that i'm feeling
your every word, thought, heed
youre the air that i breathe in
you're my every tear, dream, need.