Tuesday, August 28, 2012

dont wana be a cat lady.

Maybe love is true
maybe fairy tales are real
I believe in it again
By the way you make me feel
something I’ve waited for
since I saw Cinderella
but I never really thought
I’d find that kind of fella
I know you won’t hurt me
I know you won’t leave
I know these things because
your heart is on your sleeve
we connect so well already
I just can’t wait to see
this fairy tale unfold
between you and me.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

i hate feeling feelings.

what you meant
isn't what i heard
you lied when you said
you'd keep your word
a wasted 2 years
has left me alone
when you called last night
i should have silenced my phone
you wanted to rub in my face
that you've found someone new
reminding me, once more
i no longer have you
you lashed out in anger
when i got upset
but you cant expect me
to be over you yet
you let me down
in the worst way
the love i thought i found
still burns to this day
i'm breaking myself down
i can't do this much longer
even though i feel weak
i know i've become stronger
you broke my spirit
you broke my pride
something deep inside of me
withered up and died
you tore me apart
going back on your word
our memories are vivid
but the lines have all blurred
you've really moved on
and i'm still right here
lost and alone
drinking way too much beer
when you think of me
i hope that it stings
and i hope that i'll see
just what karma brings
go fuck yourself douche bag :)