Tuesday, August 28, 2012

dont wana be a cat lady.

Maybe love is true
maybe fairy tales are real
I believe in it again
By the way you make me feel
something I’ve waited for
since I saw Cinderella
but I never really thought
I’d find that kind of fella
I know you won’t hurt me
I know you won’t leave
I know these things because
your heart is on your sleeve
we connect so well already
I just can’t wait to see
this fairy tale unfold
between you and me.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Jesus Hock, you're dumb as fuck

apple. said...

:mom i love you

and you other anonymous person lol be jealous :)

Anonymous said...

Why would I be? You've somehow morphed from an cool Caterpillar into a steaming pile of horseshit with nasty ass tattoos. If anything I almost feel sorry for you, poor Bastard.. I'll pray for your soul. :)

apple. said...

lmao jealousy does not suit you well. anonymous huh? hilarious. p.s. im a bitch, not a bastard...my daddy is in my life :)

Helakarambdon said...

That wasn't me either <3