Thursday, November 29, 2007

the one.

you see me as i was
he sees me as i am
where once i asked for help
you turned down my hand
i messed up with him
time and again
but unlike your selfish heart
he gave a second chance
he's my one true friend
my only chance.
he's forgiven me
for what i did
way in advance.
he danced the dance
of life with me
and held my hand
and made me believe
i was worth something
his words
didnt break me down
he opened his home
and opened his heart
and thinks of me
when we're apart
he's my true love
you were my rough draft
he's the real deal
he looks past the past
and sees who i am
he's the only one
who loves me for me
he's the only one
who really can.

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