Sunday, December 28, 2008


my mistakes are faces
pictures, stuck in my mind
and the faces keep changing
and time after time
the pain overwhelms me
and you'd think that i'd learn
but mistakes i keep making
they make me in return
slowly drowning in bad decisions
little bit by little bit
and my heart keeps on breaking
so you'd think i'd quit
but my body is not resisting
and my will power is weak
so i stumble to his bedroom
so vulnerable and cheap
and as much as i cry
when i lay here at night
i want so bad to change things
cause only i can make it right
but the mistakes keep on piling
and i feel like a tramp
but i cant walk away
from his memory, i cant!
so once again i lie here
his hands grasping my wrists
and my conscious keeps on screaming
and my heart is so pissed
but my body just lies there
lifeless and dead
and faces keep scrolling
with names in my head
i want so badly to walk away
and i want so badly to quit
but no matter how much i convince myself
i'll never be over it.

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