Friday, March 13, 2009

giving up.

my hearts a heart of stone
but it's been ground into sand
with the simplest of words
and a mere touch of your hand
and no one wants to try
to piece it back together
because sand is unstable
and blows away in strong weather
i never thought id be
as empty as i've become
and i didn't think you were
and don't think you're the one
i'd take a knife in the chest
or a bullet to the brain
anything at all
to get rid of all this pain
to me: breathing is hurting
so there's one thing to do
get rid of this, get rid of me
and that'll get rid of you.


Stealthcola said...

You = Amazing, don't ever forget that.

jake said...

you write some really poetic and beautiful things, i like it i have a hard enough time tryin to make up lyrics for the absent effect. also i beleive you said something about you being fucking awesome idk ha