Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I’m done giving chances
For every chance ive ever given
Has blown up in my face
And every man
Ive ever liked
Has put me in my place
I will listen to no one
Only my heart
So no one but me
Will tear me apart
Every guy
Ive ever liked
Is exactly the same
Whisper sweetly
To me my name
But what they want
Means nothing more
Then getting off
And that im a whore
And then they walk away
Without another glance
And that is why
He was the last chance.


(most recent ass) said...

for the record your not a whore and i gave many glances back, but i was a jerk after i got pissed and im sorry, but its good to guard your heart. i never understood that before now i dont want love like i did before cuz that shit just hurts

(same dude) said...

and it changed how i was to you and others around me, i'd rather be myself because i know that the real me wouldn of hurt you.

Anonymous said...

believe it or not, ive felt like this and usually its the other way around but females can be very cold-hearted as well. i level with you my friend!