Sunday, April 5, 2009

its over.

ive lived my life in fastforward
not on purpose, of course
ive lived and loved
ive let nature take its course
ive walked the walk
and danced the dance
i've given my first
and my last chance
looking back
on these twenty years
ive been so happy
and now it appears
that i'm nearing the end
i'm past my prime
my life is over
it's almost time
so now i spend my time
lying in bed
waiting for this thought
of you to leave my head
and waiting impatiently
for my final breath
so i can whisper goodbye
and fade to my death.


Anonymous said...

Sad but real.. I can relate.. especially with feeling like you hit your prime so early on. Whats left :(

Shattering Statistics said...

aw hun. theres so much more to life! look at haiti. those kids have pretty much no life, but they dont give up. and im pretty sure ur meant to get there...thats a pretty big thing if u ask me...

which u didnt

so i just told :P luvvvv uuuu