Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I put my foot in the fire
And it burned to bits
I put my heart in your hands
And you threw a fit
I put my love in your arms
And you treated me like shit
Now I’m done.
You’ll be sorry.

I put my strength in your soul
And you so let me down
Now I’m falling apart
Nothing but pieces on the ground
I’m a worthless piece of shit
And you’re nowhere around
Now I’m done.
You’ll be sorry.

You don’t have to believe in karma…
…for her to bite you in the ass.
Now I’m done.
You’ll be sorry.


Shattering Statistics said...

i love u, im praying for u.
hes a dick
Jesus will wrap u in HIS arms if u let Him. im still learning that too and its been almost a year for me....
stupid fagot bf's

the beginning. said...

i love you so much.