Monday, March 1, 2010

you know who this is about...

with every breath you take
i hate you a little more
with every mistake you make
within me, more hatred is born.
every morning that you open your eyes
is another miserable day
ive never in my life despised
anything so much...go away.
do us all a favor and disappear
it doesnt matter how
let me make myself clear...
drink some cyanide
use a gun
or maybe a kife
i know you have one
youve stabbed me in the back with it
countless times
you're the reason
for all of my rhymes
do me a favor, put your hand on your chest
where your hearts supposed to be
notice its not beating
because its empty
gve yourself a shot
or you could take a pill
you want someone to help you?
i know someone who will
do us a favor and disappear
remove your face from existence
cause no one wants you here.

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