Friday, July 6, 2012


im giving up the hurt i have
the pain that inhabits my soul
im giving up on giving a shit
cause shit belongs in a hole.
im sick and tired of being angry
and feeling low and depressed
i got my ass out of bed today
and i started hurting less.
i have to keep telling myself
dont give a fuck, youre fine
i keep reminding myself
its beginning to soak in my mind.
i need to find happiness again
in the little things in life
like flowers and birds and dancing
movies and dinners with my wife.
i need to laugh more than cry
lifes too short to be sad
i have amazing support here
THE best mom and dad.
selfishness breeds depression
selflessness breeds relief
bring on the happiness and laughter
im dropping the pain and the grief.
blah blah blah sob story stuff
no ones more lonely than i
im sick of feeling feelings
im going to go eat some pie.

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