Monday, October 1, 2012

gona be a cat lady.

i have finally decided
to build back my walls
no longer wishing
for someone with balls
i hate everyone equally
(but men, a bit more)
ill get really fat and hairy
ill be a prude, not a whore
ill have thirty six cats
no shower in my home
ill be covered in fur
but never alone
my cats will protect me
from mice...and men
i hate cats, but id rather
be a cat lady than love again.


Charlie said...

lol, Cats rule! But please don't get stinky, fat and hairy!! :)

Holly in AZ said...

the meme you posted used a photo of my GOOD FRIEND. She would be very hurt that you used her image in this derogatory way; so please remove it. She is a smart, sweet woman who does not deserve to be insulted or hurt, and if you knew her, you would know she is not a crazy cat lady.
Thank you.