Wednesday, May 28, 2008


when i'm alone...
...which is all the time
my hearts too low
to even rhyme.
i try doing hobbies
but theres nothing at all
that can occupy my time
while i wait for you to call
every time i'm alone... heart is so low
that my eyes lose their color
my face, its glow
is it too much to ask
for one fucking friend
just one fucking person
to lend me a hand
i just want two eyes
looking into mine
i dont care who
ANYONE would be fine
someone who will call me
to ask how i am
and i write this poem
as my eyes tear up
because i finally realized
i wont cheer up
as many times as you tell me
ill still be alone
sitting in silence
staring at my phone
waiting for someone
ANYONE to call
to ask to hang out
maybe go to the mall
this is why i miss college
because all of those girls
gave a crap about me...
were a part of my world
i feel so fucking low
like nobody really cares
is there a sign on my head?
"asshole: beware"
do i scare people away?
is that what i do?
why the fuck cant i find
someone who needs me too?
i feel like i have no one
and no one has me
and i dont want to live in this world
if that's how its going to be.

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