Monday, April 28, 2008


my head is shaken
my hands are too
i need to rewind
go back to you
2005 :)
boy what a year
when we met
and it took us here
we were obsessed
we talked every night
best friends FOREVER!
hah...yeah right.
we stayed up until five
every single day
laughing and joking
and typing away
we both saved every
conversation we've ever shared
but now that's over
that damage has yet to be repaired
you moved one time
then moved again
and we'd talk and chat
only every now and then
then every now and then
turned into less and less
and less kept descending
until it became a mess
just a few "hello" and "how are ya"s
maybe three times a year
and now i look at us
theres NOTHING here
we never talk anymore
and i miss our late night chats
and our music talk
and our silly spats
i miss everything about
those endless hours
when i was young
and we were ours
i miss john mayer
and death cab, so much
and i'm so sorry
so sorry, for losing touch
i miss our secret names
and the emails you'd send
its hard to imagine
you not as my friend
and im so sorry
i let you go
because you were amazing
and knowing what i know
i think i loved you
and you loved me too
but we've drifted apart
me, my way and you...
you changed lives
one at a time
several homeless
and mine...
i miss you
i miss your thoughts
memories like that
cannot be bought
tonight i sit here
and i rewind
listening to death cab
your face in my mind
i say good night
but not goodbye
our laughs are forever
this memory wont die.

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