Tuesday, July 8, 2008

don't break my heart.

i guess i'm not pretty
i guess i'm not smart
i guess i didnt give
enough of my heart
i guess i'm not anything
worthy of love
i guess you showed me
what i'm made of
i guess i'm not funny
i guess i'm not nice
i guess you're hearts
a heartless device
i guess my eyes shadowed
the smile on your face
i guess you could guess
im in a desolate place
i guess you'll move on
i guess i will too
but i dont want anyone
in this whole world, but you
i guess i'll be happy
one of these days
i guess i'll forget you
and all of the ways...
that you touched me
and played with my hair
you knew me every bit of me
to me, this is not fair
how you just sit at home
and ignore everything
while i'm lying in bed
crying and reveling
in the joy that we once had
when i put light in your eyes
but that light has now faded
two years, i'm surprised
i never thought that THIS
is what would end us this time.
i never thought a fucking game
would change your fucking mind.
i feel left out and lonely
and its YOU we can blame
for blocking out the one you loved
for one fucking game.

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Anonymous said...

Right on!