Wednesday, August 27, 2008


no more games.
you said it.
you arent good enough for me.
i deserve to be treated better.
i dont deserve to be lead on.
i have feelings.
i deserve someone who respects those feelings.
i have talents.
i have skills.
i have the world, but i wont give it to you anymore.
you had your chance.
cry all you want.
you fucked up.
invite me to your pity party.
i wont show.
you ruined it, not me.
its taken me three tries to figure this out.
third time's a charm.
i'm walking up those stairs.
in the apartment building i call life.
its taken me 19 years but i'm on the 8th story.
all those stairs.
im getting somewhere.
and there you are...
pulling the fire alarm.
trying to get me to run out.
fuck it.
if there really is a fire.
if this time it's not the boy crying wolf.
i'll burn.
because you ruined me.
you tortured me with your mind games.
your heartless mind games.
so youre sick?
karma, fucker.
go to hell.

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