Tuesday, August 12, 2008


happiness is like building a house on a moutain.
you begin with a foundation...
adding one brick at a time.
carrying that brick up that mountain.
everyday is another brick.
keep adding and adding.
you've formed a wall.
begin the second.
one more brick.
friends come along...
helping you carry more bricks.
friends carry the load.
friends build the house.
storms come through...
a few bricks fall.
struggling to put the bricks
back upon the wall.
homeless and waiting
for these walls to be built.
one more day, one more brick.
working in the sun
beaming, beating down
sweating, screaming
carrying these bricks.
hungry and tired.
carrying these bricks.
second wall...
third wall...
keep adding the bricks.
take a step back,
have a look.
three walls built.
three walls strong.
proud, excited, encouraged.
pushing and pushing
to carry more bricks.
one night
while you're asleep
an unwanted visitor
unbuilds your house.
bricks rolling down
the face of the mountain.
few bricks left
sitting on the foundation
excited carrying that brick
up that mountain
almost finished building the wall
the house.
you see it.
its broken.
all that work.
all those days, all those bricks.
what else can you do?
start rebuilding.
one brick at a time.
every day
one more brick.
up that mountain.
you build and build...
and right when you're almost finished...
that same unwanted visitor...
pays you an unwanted visit.
this happens
time and again.
a vicious cycle.
you don't want to build anymore.
fuck it.
what's the point?
you'll never get it...
a house....
whats the fucking point?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The point is learning that you can't always achieve things by yourself. It looks like you need some more people to help carry those bricks. Maybe you need to ask some hard ass, magic playing, AF kid to watch out for unwanted visitors. ;)