Sunday, August 24, 2008


you think it makes you happy
but it really doesn't work.
you think you're funny when you're high
but you're actually a jerk.
you dont give a fuck about anything
not your friends, me or you.
i hate the person you become
i hate the things you do.
i hate that your body withdrawls
when you stop it for a while.
i hate that you cry and sweat
and slump into a pile.
i hate the shit you put me through
when you really want to smoke.
i'm not going to put up with it
to me, you're just a joke.
get over weed or get over me
because i'm done with your shit.
i dont deserve to deal with this
i swear to you, this is it.

1 comment:

Shattering Statistics said...

for sure! i really like this! dude, so true. i hate drugs. screw friendships and brains!