Friday, April 25, 2008

heart broken.

there arent words
to describe this hate
this passionate fire
from learning my fate
i must live in this world
this desolate place
and raise my kids
with a smile on my face
but nay, i will not
sit idley by
and live this life
without tears in my eyes
i cannot hold back
this anger toward you
for letting this happen
perfection, untrue
i'm heart broken
to say the least
you're a powerful, punishing
horrible beast
what can i do
to change their ways
what do my words mean
what can i say
give me the passion
the power to change
this world gone hell-bound
mad, crazy, derranged
give me your spirit
your holy fire
to keep my heart pounding
this burning desire
i want to change this world
for my children and theirs
so they wont have anything
like this shit, to bear
they'll have true smiles
unpainted, on their face
as they appreciate how this world
has become a beautiful place.

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