Monday, April 7, 2008

thanks for nothing.

i've been holding in
what i want to say
but i'm letting you go
and oh, by the way
i've never even said
anything you've heard
i've only said i loved you
and i meant it, every word
i'm sorry this didnt work
but i'm partially glad
because i'm so damn sick
of everything we had
arguing every second
of every minute of everyday
so i finally get the chance
to say what i want to say
i wanted to tell you
that this is seriously it
i'm sick of being treated
and sick of feeling like shit
ill miss what we had
when i run across a memory
but never again will i speak your name
this will not be the death of me
ill pick myself up
off of your floor
after you've beaten me
and thrown me out the door
ill give up what i've held on to
and i'll give up what i've said
and never again will i lay eyes upon
your eyes sunk into your head
goodbye my lover, one last time
i'll say those words
to end this rhyme
goodbye my lover
my hopeful, my friend
thank you for everything
trust me, this is...
the end.

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