Monday, April 28, 2008

sorry isn't enough.

nothing can compare
with what happened last night
not anything i say
not anything i write
and i know now
my apology isn't enough
to look past this act
man, this is tough
a poem means more
than diamonds or gold
because its my passion, my lyrics
my world, that you hold
and i hope this means more
than just words on a screen
i know i should mean what i say
and say what i mean
but let this be my one
exception, to my dismay
i fear i'll fuck up once more
and i can only say
i'm sorry and i'll try
my hardest, my best
but i cant promise i wont
let you down with the rest
this is me pouring my heart
into your heart, but i...
...i cant apologize enough
i still sit here and cry
because my feelings are hurt
i know yours are too
but please, please forgive me
i'll make it up to you.

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