Monday, October 6, 2008

i've found you.

the light in your eyes
captivates me
your smile takes me to a place
higher than heaven
the clouds never hide the sun
the stars never fall out of the sky
when you hold my hand
i cant hide the happiness
it radiates from my face
like the light of the moon
it took me a while to find you
i've been through hell
i've searched and searched
and i've finally found you.
you are my heart
you are my soul
you aren't a part of my life
you ARE my life.
you are everything i live for
from day to day
the thoughts of you push me through
time spent with you
intoxicates me
the passion and the desire
i've never had a love like this
and i know i'll never ever have a love like this again.
you're one of a kind.
you place the sparkle in my eye
with a glue stick
with backwards letters
with sticky fingers
with untied shoes
with matted hair
with broken homes
with broken smiles
with broken bones
you are every child
you are the future
you are my passion
you are my love
you are my life
i've finally found you.

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