Wednesday, October 1, 2008


the leaves are changing
so is my mind
when it comes to you
i'll leave everything behind
the temperature is dropping
with the changing of the seasons
your memories are fading
with every thought of the reasons
why we could never work
the birds fly away from the cold
but i run towards it
alone, strong, bold
ready to take on
the snow this year
freeze this city
freeze my tears
a new season
means a new me
a me that feels happy
when i can really be
everything i wanted
and everything i've hid
forgetting all my mistakes
and everything i did
when i was with you
this summer, last year
the year before and yesterday
i finally see it, dear
i finally know that now
isnt the time for you and me
and the time may never come
for you and i to be
anything more than
friends or foes
i finally get it
i finally know
and its a good feeling
to get you off my chest
i thank you for the time we've shared
and i wish you the best.

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