Sunday, October 19, 2008


jump off swings
lets climb trees
pee our pants
and scrape our knees
let hopscotch
lets jump rope
before the beer
the sex, the dope
lets play kickball
we'll dance and play
we'll smile and sing
and laugh all day
lets color a picture
lets play dolls
boys are gross
no talking in the halls
lets pass notes
lets trade shoes
lets be glad we dont
understand the news
lets hand clap
lets sing songs
lets be friends
all day long
lets hug our teacher
lets smile and wave
unknowing to ourselves
that we're strong and brave
we'll cut our own hair
and make our own games
act like we drive the car
we'll make up our own names
we're six years old
with the world at our feet
"oh the places we'll go
oh the people we'll meet."

1 comment:

Shattering Statistics said...

man. so amazing. i love love love u. ...sad world we live in. pathetic.