Tuesday, November 4, 2008

no words.

theres not a song to sing
to show how i feel today
theres not a poem to recite
to reason why i feel this way
theres not a place to go
or a person to share it with
no one knows my inner thoughts
my heart, my core, my pith
theres not a word to speak
to describe this burning need
theres not a dance to dance
a breath to breathe, blood to bleed
theres not a smile to wear
nor a frown to bear
but its a shadow
that follows me anywhere.
i wish i had something, anything!
to share this feeling with you
its happy its sad its vicious its mad
its everything one could ever feel
and it drips from my pores
you make it all so real
its you that i'm feeling
your every word, thought, heed
youre the air that i breathe in
you're my every tear, dream, need.

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