Sunday, November 16, 2008


i've said goodbye
time and again
but this is it
i've lost a friend
the closest i had
now the furthest away
you didnt even acknowledge
my existence today
you've been pushing
me out of your view
and it kills me
because all i see is you
call me pathetic
call me desperate
but now i'm a lonely
depressed unhappy celibate
i invited you into
the depths of my heart
because i thought you were it
now i'm falling apart
i wish i wouldn't have
given everything away
if i knew it wouldnt
last more than a day
everything i've dreamed of
has blown right out the door
now look at me...just laying here
crying on the floor
if it weren't for God
i'd think love was shit
because you gave me
a fucked up look at it
God is the only one
out of hundreds of friends
that's picked up what he's broken
time and time and time again
but He's yet to pick
this one up and fix me
i dont blame him though
it was my fault, you see
free will can be a bitch
when you fuck up everything
and now i wait...
and i wait so impaitently
for God to come in
and carry me
out of these pits
out of the dark
you're my deepest scar
you've made your mark
God's little glimmer of hope
is all i see tonight
if it weren't for Him
i'd've given up this fight
I wont say i miss you
i wont say i love you
i wont say anything
because its not true.

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