Wednesday, November 12, 2008

this morning.

depressed enough
to write again
havent written like this
since God knows when
awake...and 3 a.m.
brings nightmares
but im not sleeping
im well aware
i decipher the code
that is my mind
and i pour it out
but all i find
are used up feelings
a broken heart
a picture of love
torn apart
a crooked smile
beauty battered
everythings broken
well...everything that mattered
no amount of needle and thread
can stitch this tear
nothing can mend this heart
because you're not there
you were my love
but you werent my all
thats how im still alive
and im standing tall
im a ninteen-year-old girl
who lost all she had
to a man who walked away little boy, my bad.
frustration brews
this pain just grows
and no one sees
so no one knows
that im still dying
you still hold my world
but i fucked it up
im just a little girl!
now i sit here this morning
alone in my bed
i cant get your picture
out of my head
the past is the past
but im not past you
no matter how many times
you remind me we're through
my heart keeps coming back
like a stray kitten to a home
the love i lost was
the only love i've ever known
"the greatest thing youll ever learn
is just to love and be loved in return"
this quote is a truth
but its also a curse
they left out a part
so i added a verse
"the greatest thing youll ever learn
is just to love and be loved in return
but its better to leave 'i love you' unspoken
because love leads the way
to a heart being broken."

1 comment:

Shattering Statistics said...

isnt it sad that our outlook on love is only brokenness? ...but its part of who we r. it will take real men to ever b able to break us of our curse. real men who love Jesus that is.
i love love love u pookie.
(u were the ie pookie right? there were 3 pookys so it got a tad confuzzling. minus the pukey and pooque lol)