Monday, September 29, 2008


no matter how many meds they put me on or take me off of
there's nothing that can hold back my tears at 2 a.m.
nothing that can smother or ease this feeling.
this nightmare.
this depression.
i dont feel like i belong here.
i want to be someone else.
i'm trapped in this position, school, work, life.
i want to leave.
i need to move.
i need a change.
somewhere i can start over.
somewhere i might be able to be myself.
somewhere i wont know anyone.
somewhere i can be me.
new york.
i want the city.
i want the snow.
i want to go somewhere different.
i want to start over, knowing what i know now.
where no one knows me.
i'm ready to go.
i'm ready to find where i belong.

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