Wednesday, February 27, 2008


i lay in my tub
double fisted knife
tears fill it up
sick of this life
sick of my heart
its betrayed me again
its pulling me away
from my best friend
its my head vs my heart
theres no way around
theres no answer to this
my head falls to the ground
im staring at the floor
i lift my weapon to strike
you knock on the door
and itll be alright...
i have a feeling of peace
you tell me to get up
i struggle, i fight
and just when i give up
you grasp my arm
and remove my fate
a second wind
when i thought it was too late
this is no answer
to life's hard times
this is no way
to finish your rhymes
this is no way
all you can do
is struggle....
and fight your way through.

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