Wednesday, February 27, 2008


i guess this is it
the reason for my rhyme
i'm trying, so hard...
to just...give it time.
its so hard for me
being here alone
not touching your face
not talking on the phone
not kissing your lips
or seeing that light
that was forever in
your eyes, but tonight
it seems that lights faded
and tomorrows blind
and i'm hard
to just...give it time.
i cant handle this war
this hatred, and i'm so
sick and tired of this
and you say you dont know
but you do know
you dont want to
but this is the one thing
that i need from you
give me this right now
and ill give you the sun
this is all i have to offer
if all else fails, i'll just run
i'll run back to where i was
long before you came
when i lay in my closet
sobering into my shame
ill be back at that spot
sitting in my window
downing those pills
just watching the wind blow
ill be hiding away
holding that knife
cursing and screaming
and hating my life
ill just be back
in that place
before i knew you
before your face
placed itself
inside of my mind
i'm trying...and trying...
to just...give it time...
but meanwhile
while i'm sitting here blue
i need one thing
just ONE THING from you
i need your hand
holding mine
as i stare out this window
and i just give it time.

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