Wednesday, February 6, 2008


i feel like we have to
keep it all hidden
because for some fucked up reason
our love is forbidden
people dont like
that we're still in love
they just dont know
what we're made of
they cant see it...
...the passion in your eyes
when you gaze into mine
purely uncompromised.
they cant see that
sparkle in your smile
that only shines for me
and makes it all worth while
they cant see our hearts time
they cant see your hand
lain ontop of mine
they cant see this feeling
because its inaudible and hushed
they think we're just kids
blinded by love we've rushed
they dont see this fire
burning in my chest
they dont feel this happiness
everyday when i feel blessed
they dont know our words
exchanged and locked away
they cant feel the connection
they dont know what to say
they dont feel the spark
behind every single kiss
they dim down our love
our hunger, they dismiss
they cant feel this fever
they cant begin to heal
they dont fucking know
so what's their fucking deal

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