Sunday, February 17, 2008


sick of sitting
solid in my seat
sick of seeing
nothing near my feet
sick of hearing
stale, pale, gray
sick of being here
alone, today
the sun is screaming
and i am calling back
i'm hoping and dreaming
but i'm stuck, in this black
sick of waiting
for that day
sick of wishing
this would go away
sick of feeling
alone in this place
sick of hiding
this darkened face
sick of singing
a tuneless song
sick of knowing
i dont belong
the sun is screaming
and i'm screaming back
i need you, sun, please
dont let my eyes fade black
sick of sitting
in nothing but snow
sick of thinking
where i will go
sick of not going
sick of just thinking
sick of this place
i'm sick
and i'm tired
i've been bent
i've been wired
the sun is screaming
and i'm screaming back.

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