Wednesday, February 6, 2008

no thanks.

cant i be happy?
for just one minute?
just a glimpse of hope
i'd live in it.
i'd grasp every ounce
of light out of that time
when for once happiness
was mine. all mine.
cant people just listen?
cant people see?
that when i'm with him
i'm happy...i'm me.
why cant it be easy?
why cant i just say...
"fuck off, this is my life...
fucking PLEASE just go away."
my so called friends try to
make themselves feel good
by telling me what i shouldnt do
but not saying what i should
'dont go there, dont do that
dont date him' they say.
but where are they?
when i'm running away?
where are they...
when i'm bleeding at night
when i'm searching and searching
but cant find the light
where are they?
when i'm screaming out loud
when i'm standing alone
in the middle of a crowd
where are they?
where are you?
tell me where to go.
tell me what to do.

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