Tuesday, February 26, 2008


when i hear your name
air escapes my chest
when i wake every morning
and i feel i still need rest
its because i was up all night
thinking of your face
of your lips pressed to mine
one exact time and place
when i hear your voice
a smile stretches from ear to ear
and i cant help but wish
you could be right here
when i smell your shirt
when we embrace a long farewell
when i lean my head on yours
i know only time will tell
if your loves as true as mine
if this is meant to last
if we should be together
or should have left it in the past
im sorry that all i can say
is 'it takes a lot of time'
because thats unsettling
and leaves unpeace of mind
but through it all, hard and soft
the rocks and rills, good and bad
i'm positive when i say
your love is all i have.

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