Friday, July 18, 2008

lesson learned.

regret is a lesson
dreaded to be taught
dreaded to be learned
leaves you hurt and distraught
one, too many drinks
plus one lonely heart
leaves your memory to guess
tearing you apart
regret is a lesson
that everyone must learn
i really wish i hadn't
but i guess it was my turn
i fucked up, big time
and i cant take it back
but i'm punishing myself enough
please, cut me some slack
every time i see his face
every time i see that mark
i realize what i gave away
a very huge piece of my heart
it meant nothing to you
i'm just piece of meat
i'm just another speck of dirt
on the bottom of your feet
you'll walk all over me
and you won't even notice
you'll always have my heart
but you won't ever know this
just a drunken little girl
with a lesson yet to be taught
and who better to teach me
then you, a gentleman (i thought)
you taught me how to lie
and you taught me how to regret
i'll burn this memory from my mind
but i swear i wont forget.

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