Thursday, July 24, 2008


sitting across the room
looking into my eyes
sliding your hands
slowly up my thighs
moving your hand
up my shoulder, my neck
the feelings that you're creating
impossible to reject.
run your fingers through my hair
take me in your arms
satan hides behind your eyes
and pain behind your charm
hold me close and whisper
how beautiful i am
run your fingers down my arm
smooth, into my hand
lead me places i've never been
and guide me with your lips
my skin feels soft, unraveling
beneath your finger tips
you know the things that make me melt
and use them as a trap
unzip this and unbutton that
as i untie, slip off and unstrap
my innocence is shattered
like a mirror in a war
i dare not tell a single soul
they know what ive done before
your sly eyes undress me
your hands follow their lead
my soul is pouring from my eyes
but my face is hard to read
ill hide the terror with a smile
and go along with this
you own me: body, heart and soul
with every single kiss
the strength that was growing
is now just mental roadkill
let the walls down around my heart
do with me what you will
just another door mat
just another day
im nothing more than this to you
i'm a fuck up, what can i say?

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