Wednesday, July 9, 2008


I'm not going to let
the memories of you
tear me apart
i've got better things to do.
i'm not going to dwell
on the good or the bad
i will not reminisce
of the love that we had.
I will scrape up all
thats left of me
off of the floor
i wont let you see
the tears roll down
my cold, empty cheek
i wont bitch or yell
i'll be humble and meek
i'll walk away with pride
everything i have left in me
i'll hold my head high
i still have my dignity.
yeah, i fucked up.
its what i do.
but baby this wasnt me
this was all you.
this was your choice
your fucked up call
you could have this
i could give you it all
but son, its over
and its your fucking loss
so i'll wipe my tears
because i am the boss
you think you own me
let me shoot you some news
boy, i'm i-n-d-e-p-e-n-d-e-n-t
this is less than a bruise
with time it will fade
along with your face
no longer in my head
no more shame or disgrace
this is it and i'm not crying
because he'll give a fuck.
my prince is still waiting
but honey, you're stuck.

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