Saturday, July 12, 2008


i try to sleep
to dull the ache
hours on end
i lie awake
the words replay
a vivid scene
my heart break played
on a movie screen
keep bashing me down
everyone can see
in front of their faces
yep, that's me
fucking up
and getting fucked
now fuck off
and the best of luck
i hope the next
isnt as stupid as me
i hope shes skeptical
i hope she'll see
because you've fucked me once
you'll do it again
your bad judgement calls
rub off on your friends
so i guess this is a lesson
you've finally showed me
how worthless i really am
you've lied when you said he
didn't know what he was saying
when he talked me down
made me cry
without a sound
you told me i was better
but i know better now
i dont know how i didn't see it
i really dont know how.

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