Tuesday, July 29, 2008

past this.

you caused me tears
every single day
and flipped me off
as i walked away
and my tears could fill
ten thousand lakes
and i could kill myself
for all my mistakes
but instead of fade
ill learn to fly
away from you
past your lying eyes
and my lips will spill
no more of your name
and i wont hide my face
i will not be ashamed
my heart of glass
you once shattered
has turned to stone
after you bruised and battered
and you spat on me
and cursed my days
but i held my head high
as i walked away
and i picked it up
all that was left of me
and i made my heart
a new masterpiece
i'll keep walking on
and i will NOT look back
you're not worth my time
my dignity, intact
your words will no longer
hinder my strength
i'll keep your manipulation
far past arms length
i've burned your pictures
and face from my mind
i'm serious about this,
i'm done, this time.

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