Tuesday, September 2, 2008


my head is strong
but my heart is facing
a lonely memory
your fingertips tracing
the length of my fingers
the lines of my lips
my arms and my body
my stomach and hips
my head, independent
but thoughts still flood
your face and your voice
you live in my blood
i miss you and i miss us
but it seems so far away
and i hope and my heart
longs for you everyday
the distance is more
than what you'd like it to be
and i know that i love you
and hope you love me
enough to keep trying
because i'll tell you one thing
you give me butterflies,
you make my heart sing,
your voice is my patience,
your skin is my shield,
this undying love,
may soon be reveiled,
my hopes just keep growing,
i cant keep them down,
my heart is on cloud 9,
but my head is on the ground,
a war, if you will,
between heart and head,
my head wants to stop,
but my heart says instead...
why not go for it?
whats the hold up, here?
i just...miss you, i need you
i love you, my dear.

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