Tuesday, September 9, 2008

dont let me go.

everyday is a new struggle for us
you think by now, i'd want to give up
but my heart is still falling
more in love with you
and i know that neither of us
knows what to do
we're stuck in this cycle
of loving and leaving
these thoughts and this love
has been so deceiving
i'm lost and confused
i just want us back
but i look in the past
and see where we're at
i hate to see this
relationship die
and you're all i need
to keep it revived
i miss you and i love you
but i'm sorry to say
i can't handle this torture
of living without you everyday
i just want my baby back
the one who makes me smile
and tickles me and sings to me
and holds me for a while
the one who cares and listens
and loves me so deep
but those memories are just memories
and that's all i keep
i hate being away
and i hate seeing you sad
and i hate myself today
and i hate that i'm so bad
at making you feel better
i told you, i fuck it all up
and i guess since i dont help
i might as well give up
i'm sorry i cant make you smile
or happy anymore
i'm sorry i'm nothing but
a liar and a whore
i'm sorry that i've ruined us
and i'm sorry that i cant fix this
i'm sorry that all i need
is one more hug and kiss.
i'm sorry for this
and i dont know how
to fix it, but i love you
and i'll leave you alone now.

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