Sunday, September 21, 2008


nothing seems to make sense anymore a new mistake
every hour is an hour i wish
i could erase.

i'm afraid of the future
i'm lost in the past
this life i'm not living
is moving too fast
i just need a break
to stop and think
is it worth the thought?
every kiss, every drink?
do i like how i'm living
this life i dont live?
what can i take from it
what can i give?
how can i fix things
that are so long gone
sitting at sunset
waiting for dawn
a watched sun
never rises
and i wait and i wait
the sun disguises
itself and sneaks up
when i least expect
i missed the sunrise
my life's a wreck
i've waited and waited
to appreciate the sun
but theres nothing now
no comfort, no one.
my smile's a feather
my mind's a brick
my soul's a doctor
my heart is sick
i'm living the future
far in the past
and i'm sorry, so sorry
that we didn't last
i wish i could look forward
and see a new day
but the horizons blank
so i'll walk away
back in the shadows
of my hearts demise
i'll miss you, not need you
my view's revised
i'll live in the past
because you were my heart
and i'll wallow and dwell
as it tears me apart.

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