Monday, September 15, 2008


i started the puzzle you gave me, today
and laughed and cried as i pieced away
building this puzzle as we're breaking apart
like shattering pieces of a broken heart
and trying to fit them back together again
to create some sort of picture, to frame in the end
like the eiffel tower puzzle we finished last year
it took us three weeks, but we didnt care
we glued it together and hung it on your door
and a few weeks later, we got a couple more
one puzzle is still lying on your desk
but pieces have been missing, it's such a mess
those missing pieces of that puzzle will never be found
like the pieces to my heart, they lie somewhere on the ground
and this puzzle you got me, reminds me of you
so when i'm finished, instead of glue
i'll tear it apart, and throw it away
because i cant bear to see it everyday
it'll remind me of you and how you've moved on
but i swear to this day, i've done nothing wrong
you blame yourself, then why cant we try?
i love you, i miss you, without you, i'd die.

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