Tuesday, March 4, 2008

my life apology.

i've learned one thing
about me, myself
that i shove you aside
like a bible on a shelf
no matter how selfless i say
that i am, i am not
i am ANYTHING but...
i'm all i've got.
i act like YOURE selfish
i act like YOURE to blame
but i'm the professional
at this fucking blame game
i'm the selfish one
i'm so wrong to say
that you're the one
who wants your way
this world revolves
around ONLY ME!
only my life...
that's how its gonna be
but i'm sick of it
i hate being me
i hate being everything
i dont want to be
i hate saying one thing
but doing another
its like i've no humility
no humble cover
i'm sorry for this
and for what i've become
i'm sorry for what ive said
and all that i've (not) done
this is a look at me
through your eyes
i'm shocked, ashamed
and a bit surprised
i'm sorry...very sorry
and i'll change i swear
it's humbling to see
that you still care
after all i've said
after all i've broken
no more of that, now
your eyes have spoken
i'll sweep up this dust
i've blanketed on you
and i'll change who i am
what i say and what i do.
i'm sorry.

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