Tuesday, March 25, 2008


ive lost one friend
i never had the other
again i have no one
but they have one another
go figure i did this
its always my problem
ill keep it to myself
i wont bother them
ill take these pills
and i'll forget
what i've forgiven
and i'll regret
ill paint the smile
upon my face
as i'm broken, i'm lost
in this desolate place
and i really have nothing
i've scared you away
and its happened before
what more, can i say?
i should be used to it
being completely alone
i threw out my keys
i turned off my phone
ill lay by the window
and stare at the sky
as the night falls on
covers the light in my eyes
ill hang my head
while you hang the stars
you'll be the superstar
while i park cars
i have my acquaintences
but not you anymore
i'm sorry for who i am
i'm a bitch, i'm a whore
i'm an asshole and i'm sorry
for everything i am
i've fucked this up
and now, i dont give a damn
fuck this because i cant
take this any longer
its not true what they say
what doesnt kill you, makes you stronger
that phrase, is a lie
they dont want to say
how it really feels
to feel that way
what doesnt kill you
makes you wish you were dead
so i lie awake
with this pounding in my head
i will never forget
but i'll try to forgive
just dont ask me why
i dont want to live.

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